How To Find a Sub

All Information Desk volunteers are responsible for obtaining their own substitutes if they are unable to cover their scheduled shifts at the Heard Museum from September through May. Seek a sub as soon as you become aware of the need.  For same day emergencies, see Same Day Emergency below.

Follow the directions below to find a substitute:

  • Send an email to yourself using the email address listed for you as an Information Desk volunteer.
  • On the Bcc (blind carbon copy) line of your email program, enter
  • In the subject line, add “I need a sub.”
  • In the body of the email, give the details of what shift(s) you need covered including date(s) and shift(s) (10-1 or 1-4).
  • Also in the body, add “Reply to” followed by your email address.
  • When you receive an offer to cover your shift, reply to the person. Be sure to copy to to inform the Info Desk Chair.

Our email system will only allow Info Desk volunteers to send emails to one another, therefore you will not be receiving any unwanted emails.

Same Day Emergency

If you have a sudden emergency and you will not be able to cover your shift and do not have a substitute, call the Admissions Desk, 602-252-8840, and ask them to give a message to the person at the Information Desk or to the Las Guias that you will not be present. This way the volunteers who are at the Heard Museum can work around your absence.