Service Hour Awards

Awards are given each year for the number of service hours recorded:

  • 300 hours/year:  One-time discount in the Museum Gift Shop.
  • 500 lifetime hours:  Silver Ketoh necklace or bolo. These awards are underwritten by the Board of Trustees.
  • 1,500 lifetime hours: New name badge with accumulated hours.
  • 2,500 lifetime hours:  New name badge with accumulated hours, and inscription of the volunteer’s name on the Service Awards Plaque in the Guild Room.
  • 5,000 lifetime hours:  New name badge with accumulated hours and inscription of the volunteer’s name on the Service Awards Plaque in the Guild Room. The Guild member is also given a special award (Katsina doll) presented at the Annual Awards Dinner.
  • 7,500 lifetime hours: New name badge with accumulated hours, Honorary Lifetime membership, and inscription of the volunteer’s name on the Service Awards Plaque in the Guild Room.
  • 10,000 lifetime hours:  New name badge with accumulated hours. Recognition with his or her name on a commemorative panel in the Museum courtyard.

Guild members completing a minimum of 7,500 cumulative service hours:

Diane Leonte

Guild members completing a minimum of 5,000 cumulative service hours:

Dee Murdy

Guild members completing a minimum of 2,500 cumulative service hours:
Kathie McIsaac
Sheila Mehlem
Bob Sari

Guild members completing a minimum of 1,500 cumulative service hours:
Sharon Clark
Cynthia Ross
Carol Seidberg
Jackie Stubbs

Guild members completing a minimum of 500 cumulative service hours:
Dale Baker
Daniel Dolan
Susan Gross
Dewayne Matthews
Valerie Piazza
Michaela Safadi
Jane Sanford
James Thompson
Frank Vickory
Pamela Williams
Linda Zigrossi
Guild members completing a minimum of 300 cumulative service hours:
Rita Baker
Robby Buchanan
Susan Caulk
Jerry Cowdrey
Daniel Dolan
Dee Dowers
Mary Endorf
Maryann Fast
Dee Fuerst
Linda Hefter
Anita Hicks
Pat Kilburn
Diane Leonte
Mary Lee Madison
Roy W. Mainger
Michael Mandracchia
Cozette Matthews
Dewayne Matthews
John Miller
Shelley Mowry
Joel Muzzy
Audrey Rada
Jim Rucker
Carol Seidberg
Christine Sinclair
Christina Sue Snyder
Charles Starnes
Jackie Stubbs
Gail Sweet
Connie Thornton
Frank Vickory
Louise Wakem
Linda Zigrossi

Museum Services Volunteers of the Year Awards

Heard Museum Shop and Books & More
Christy Sinclair

Billie Jane Baguley Library and Archives
Dee Fuerst and JoAnne Smith

Information Desk
Carol Gunn and Jim Rucker

Special Awards 

Dan Dolan
Special Achievement Award to Recognize an Original and Outstanding Project

 For building a new technology committee and bringing modern AV equipment to the Guild. Dan upgraded the Guild laptop computers and installed video recording equipment for Guild speaker programs to be used for Las Guias training and to be made available for all Guild members.

 Chuck and Dorothy Starnes
Special Recognition Award for the Continuation of an Existing Project

 For their role as Indian Fair & Market Volunteer Placement Chairs and in recognition of the time and effort that goes into ensuring that over 600 volunteers are recruited, organized, and placed in positions that support all aspects of the Fair.

Las Guias Facilitators Shelley Mowry, Cozette Matthews, Mary Lee Madison, and Jim Szabo
Special Recognition Award for the Continuation of an Existing Project

For their years of steadfast commitment to the training of Las Guias during COVID and post COVID and ensuring the continuation of the program.

Education Awards

The Heard Museum Guild recognizes all Las Guias for their outstanding commitment to the mission of the Heard Museum and the Heard Museum Guild and for their flexibility and creativity in enhancing the visitor experience during the 2022-2023 Season.

A huge thank you to all the guides with a special shout out to the Las Guias classes of 2020 and 2022 who stepped up to volunteer for extra tour shifts, who signed up for private and school tours and who chaired and supported numerous Guild events.


Lynne Gleason

I moved in 2020 with my husband from Boston, Massachusetts, to Tempe after practicing law in Boston and Washington for many years.  We spend our summers in southern France in a house that we have had there for 23 years.  I was born in California and spent all my summers on my grandparents’ ranch on the site of an old American Indian encampment near the Feather River Canyon.  Those summers spurred my interest in anthropology, in which I majored in college, along with art history. Being able to return to those interests by becoming a guide at the Heard has been great fun and very rewarding.

Barbara Shirley

Barbara started as a physicist working with the first computers which led to over 4 decades as a computer professional in National Laboratories, Silicon Valley, Federal Government, Universities, and the Military.  She has a BA and PhD from the University of California, Berkeley and attended California College of Arts and Crafts.  She has been a docent for 15 years during  retirement at the Honolulu Museum of Art and Palms Springs Art Museum, as well as on the Board of Directors at the Architecture and Design Center.  As a newcomer to Phoenix, she is thrilled to be a Heard Las Guias!  Barbara is blessed with 11 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren from her son and her husband’s 5 children.

Michael R. Mandracchia

Michael worked in the semiconductor industry from 1975 until 2022. He advanced through manufacturing operations reaching the level of Vice President and managed large multi-continent organizations in the US, Asia, and Europe.  The nature of the work required extensive travel, and, at times, relocation based on the job. Michael and his wife JoAnne lived in several different states, but also had expatriate opportunities and spent 10 years working overseas, half in Asia and half in Europe.  Michael completed a BA and an MBA.  Michael and his wife JoAnne first came to Arizona in the mid 80’s and started collecting American Indian art shortly thereafter.  They have been members of the Heard since 1992 and joined the Heard Guild in 2022.

Terri Stanley

My purpose in life has been to assist others in affirming hope and to lead by example so that my hopeful energy unlocks the possibilities for others. At Oklahoma State University, I studied anthropology, archaeology and became a specialist in multi-cultural education.  Working with collaborators upon graduation, we developed curriculum through the US Department of Education to acknowledge the culture and challenges of American Indian students migrating to urban schools with respect to learning styles and culture and implemented experiential learning as a teacher in a multi-cultural school. Emerging technology caught my attention and led to the interaction with technology sectors across the globe, furthering my interest in how culture and adaptation to the environment shapes our modern world.  As a member of Las Guias, I hope to add knowledge and energy to museum visitors so they may be inspired by the history, culture, art, community, and traditions of the Southwestern American Indians and to relate the story of their persistence, renewal and hopeful promise of the future.

Mary Lindenberger

Before becoming a volunteer at the Heard, I visited often. Now as I complete the Las Guias program, I’m very happy to be part of this marvelous family bringing the beauty of Southwest Indian Art to a growing audience. I was born in Chicago, grew up in several mid-west states, and lived my married life in New Orleans and Seattle. I completed a BFA and MFA at the University of Washington and worked as Director of the Foster/White Gallery in Kirkland, WA. I’ve been retired for some time and, after moving to Scottsdale, I’ve very much appreciated the meaningful challenge of volunteering and learning about American Indian Art and Culture through the Heard.

Dan Dolan

Born in Iowa, raised in Wausau, Wisconsin, spent 8 years in Minnesota and our official residence is now Bedford, NH since 1978. We spend 6-7 months a year in Arizona (North Scottsdale).We have been coming to Arizona for the past 8 years and totally love it here. My business (Semi-retired) has forced us to have two residences. My life-Partner (Cindy) and I re-meet in 2007.We were high school classmates in Wisconsin (1964) and after both of our spouses passed, friends convinced us to meetup. We did and the rest is history. Nine grandkids between us. We are both avid readers and Arizona has provided us the opportunity to read and learn more about the Southwest and more importantly Native American history. The Heard and Las Guias has given me a new purpose in life.

Sherry Evans

I’m retired, from Vancouver, BC, Canada and live nearly half-time in Scottsdale, AZ. For over 20 years, I worked as a lawyer for the Department of Justice (gov’t of Canada) on legal matters involving indigenous peoples of Canada. In that capacity, I worked closely with indigenous community members and their leaders and had exposure over the years to beautiful pieces of indigenous art. I’ve been very impressed by the beautiful Heard Museum since my first visit in 2018. I look forward to learning more about American Indians, including their art, and being able to share my knowledge with Heard Museum visitors. My most recent experience as a tour guide was nearly 40 years ago, as a university student, on tour buses during several summers.

Thank you Las Guias Instruction Facilitators; Cozette Matthews, Shelley Mowry, and Kurt Kahlenbeck for your dedication to preparing the next class of Museum guides.