Guild Technology Management

The Guild Technology Committee is basically the IT department for the Heard Museum Guild.  The Committee, headed by the Guild Technology Chair, manages the Guild’s software applications, computer resources and a variety of activities to support Guild operations.  We have a wide array of responsibilities including:

  • Establishing, coordinating, and maintaining a 5-year Guild information technology plan
  • Setting Guild information technology standards
  • Managing both the digital and software assets of the Guild
  • Annually planning and budgeting for Guild technology needs
  • Supporting Guild Committee operations for Membership, Las Guias, Information Desk, and the Shop
  • Supporting the Guild’s MS Access databases: Artists and Youth Art
  • Supporting the Guild’s web and social network presence
  • Coordinating with Heard Museum staff on information technology plans and issues.

Most of our work can be done at home and only takes a couple of hours a week.  All you need is an Internet connection, a computer, and willingness to help.  We’ll provide all the training you’ll need to be both skilled and dangerous.

Come join us.  You can start by contacting the Technology Management Chair at for more complete information.