How To Find a Sub

All guides are responsible for obtaining their own substitutes if they are unable to perform their assigned duties as a guide.  Once a substitute is found, the guide informs the Tour Scheduler a minimum of two weeks before the known absence.  Here’s how to find a substitute:

  • Send an email to yourself using your Las Guias email
  • Send a Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) to
  • In the subject line write “I need a Sub”
  • In the body of the email state the shift (AM, PM, SS) and date you need covered
  • Also, in the body, add “Reply to” followed by your email address
  • When you get a response to your request, reply to that person and also inform other guides

When you send a BCC to your email goes to all Las Guias.  If you get multiple responses, choose one and email that guide.  In order to inform all other guides so they know you have found a substitute, send them a BCC of your email.  Don’t forget to send Jack Brock an email as well to

Emergency Situations

Car accidents, unexpected illness, or other situations happen on or near the day a guide is scheduled to tour and there is not time to use the regular procedure for obtaining a substitute.  In these cases, telephone the Museum Scheduler at 602-251-0212.  If you cannot talk directly to the Scheduler, leave a message stating your name, shift and that you are unable to tour that day.  Then call Heard Museum Admissions at 602-251-8840 to inform Admissions you are unable to Tour, give your name and your shift.  A note will be made of your inability to tour so the other guides assigned to that day and shift will be aware of your absence.

The Heard Museum Guild Board encourages innovation and process improvement, but new initiatives and/or different approaches, activities or actions must be discussed with the assigned Coordinator or Guild Executive Committee and if necessary, approved by the Executive Committee and/or the Museum.

Revised 11/2023