Social Network Technical Specialist

Reports directly to and is a member of the Technology Management Committee.


Develops and maintains a Facebook presence on the World Wide Web.

Time Requirement: 1 to 2 hours per week

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Meets regularly with the Technology Management Committee
  • Posts weekly to the Facebook page appropriate items of interest to the Museum and Guild membership and to the general public
  • Reviews and approves comments and external posts for inclusion on the page
  • Coordinates efforts with the Museum Marketing Department
  • Evaluates current technical needs and provides solutions
  • Enters data or trains others to enter data into the applicable software
  • Ensures a system of backup and archival of essential data


  • Training program with Guild Technology trainers and/or
  • The Heard Museum Guild Website Operations Handbook
  • Adobe Photoshop, a photo editing software program

Position Qualifications

  • Basic knowledge and familiarity with Facebook
  • Working knowledge of MS Word and Adobe Photoshop

Special Considerations

  • Must have access to PC computer or laptop, Internet access and email
  • Must possess great patience

Time Line


  • Provides budget information to the Chair of the Technology Management Committee

September – April

  • Meets with committees as appropriate
  • Carries out assigned tasks


  • Review and update this Position Description
  • Submit recommended changes to the Technology Management Committee

Rev. 8/17/2013