Technology Management Committee

The Technology Management Committee coordinates, determines, establishes, and manages information technology for the Heard Museum Guild. This includes: establishing and maintaining a 5-year information technology plan; setting information technology standards; managing both the digital and software assets of the Guild; annual planning and budgeting for Guild technology resources; supporting Guild Committee operations; supporting and maintaining Guild web and social network presence; and coordinating with Heard Museum staff on information technology issues.


Tasks Performed by the Committee as a whole or by members as assigned by the Chair

  • Formulate and maintain standards for office oriented applications (e.g., MS Office is standard); financial applications; committee support applications; web applications; social media applications.
  • Provide and/or facilitate training in the use of software programs for Guild members.
  • Coordinate the upkeep and maintenance of the Guild computers, equipment and supplies
  • Coordinate and take responsibility for acquisition, contracting, distribution, license management, updates and maintenance of all Guild software applications.
  • Be responsible for the entry and retrieval of information and records stored on the Guild Room computers.
  • Screen and coordinate all requests for services involving the use of information and records stored on the Guild’s computer such as reports, listings, etc.
  • Archive Guild historical data from the Guild software programs and internet applications.
  • Provide the Board of Directors recommendations regarding the purchase of new software and hardware as necessary and make the purchase if so directed by the Board.


Time Line



  • Chair gathers requests for budget from the Technical Specialists
  • Chair submits a budget to the Guild Treasurer.


September – April

  • Committee carries out tasks as listed above.



  • Chair makes sure committee job and position descriptions are the same in the notebook and website. Send changes to the President Elect.
  • Chair submits the annual report and attends the Notebook Turnover Meeting.

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