Winners of the 2020 Indian Fair & Market Juried Competition

Best of Show and Best of Classification — VII Diverse Art Forms
First Place — Division D, Functional objects, such as bows and arrows, cradleboards, boxes, weapons, shields, furniture, lamps, musical instruments, bull roarers, beaded bottles, and other objects
Jamie Okuma (Luiseno/Shoshone-Bannock, “Common Ground: Culture Isn’t Black and White



Best of Classification — I Jewelry and Lapidary
First Place — Division G, Belts
Denise Wallace (Aleut), “Yup’ik Dancer Belt”


Best of Classification — II Pottery
First Place — Division B, Unpainted, including ribbed, native clay, hand-built, fired out-of-doors
Russell Sanchez (San Ildefonso Pueblo), Pottery With Detached Lid


Best of Classification — III 2-Dimensional Art
First Place — Division D, Mixed Media
Idyllwild Arts Imagination Award

Angela Babby (Oglala Lakota), “Turtle Island War Party (Keya Wita Ozuye)”


Best of Classification — IV Pueblo Carvings
First Place — Division B, Contemporary carved figures, including sculpture (Hopi, Zuni)
Alexander Youvella, Sr. (Hopi), “Winged Messenger”


Best of Classification — V Sculpture
First Place — Division A, Stone
Cliff Fragua (Jemez Pueblo), “Avanyu In His Full Regalia”


Best of Classification — VI Weavings and Textiles
irst Place — Division B, Contemporary style weavings
Venancio Aragon (Navajo), Polychromatic Saddle Blanket


Best of Classification — VIII Baskets
First Place — Division A, Natural fibers and cultural forms
August Wood (Salt River Pima), “Squash Blossom”



Best of Classification — IX Personal Attire and Accessories
First Place — Division A, Cultural attire (woven or sewn), ceremonial clothing sets (including belts and sashes)
Catherine Black Horse (Seminole (Oklahoma)), “Vision of Falling Star”


Open Standards — Best of Classification and First Place
Jason K. Brown (Penobscot), “Borealis Caribou Music Box”


Conrad House Innovation Award
Benson Manygoats (Navajo), “Guitar”


Best of Youth Ages 12-14
Mosgaadace Casuse (Navajo), “I-B-N8V”


Best of Youth Ages 15-17
Ben Haskie (Navajo), “Bow and Arrows: A Hunter’s Tool”