Winners of the 2021 Virtual Indian Fair & Market Juried Competition

Best of Show and Best of Classification — VII Diverse Art Forms
First Place — Division C, Dolls and figurative objects
Juanita Growing Thunder Fogarty (Assiniboine/Sioux), “Wakitantanka (Strong-Willed) Pandemic Survivalist”

Best of Classification — I Jewelry and Lapidary
First Place — Division G, Belts
Denise Wallace (Aleut), Origins, Roots & Sources: Past, Present and Future”


Best of Classification — II Pottery
First Place — Division A, Painted, native clay, hand-built, fired out-of-doors
Erik Fender (San Ildefonso Pueblo), Black on Red Storage Jar

Best of Classification — III 2-Dimensional Art
First Place — Division E, Photography
Eugene Tapahe (Navajo), “MMIW: Strength in Unity”

Best of Classification — IV Pueblo Carvings
First Place — Division A, Carved figures, old style, revival (Hopi, Zuni)
Mark Taho (Hopi), “Bearing Gifts”


Best of Classification — V Sculpture
First Place — Division C, Other media
Don Johnston (Qagan Tayagungin), Mark Tetpon (Inupiaq Eskimo), and Terresa White (Yu’pik), “Seal Vision #2 of 3”

Best of Classification — VI Weavings and Textiles
irst Place — Division C, Quilts, wall hangings, table linens
Idyllwild Arts Imagination Award
Susan Hudson (Navajo), “MMIW: The Tree of Many Dresses”

Best of Classification — VIII Baskets
First Place — Division C, Basket miniatures
Carol Emarthle-Douglas (Northern Arapaho/Seminole), “Deer Herd”

Best of Classification — IX Personal Attire and Accessories
First Place — Division A, Cultural attire (woven or sewn), ceremonial clothing sets (including belts and sashes)
Orlando Dugi (Navajo), “The Zahne Dress”

Open Standards — Best of Classification and First Place
Dallin Maybee (Northern Arapaho/Seneca), “Resilience: a COVID, Smallpox, Black Plague Floral Gas Mask

Conrad House Innovation Award
Pat Pruitt (Laguna Pueblo), “Iridescent Opulence”

Indian Arts & Crafts Association Commemorative Award
Birdie Real Bird (Apsaalooke (Crow), “Horse Medicine”

Best of Youth Ages 12-14
EllaRose Bednorz (Potowomeck/Potawatomi), “Murdered and Missing”‘

Best of Youth Ages 15-17
Kiyaanii Reeves (Navajo), “Blue Confetti”