Vouchers & Reimbursement Procedures

Procedures for payments by the Guild

The Treasurer receives approval from the appropriate person or chair before payment is made to a volunteer or vendor.  This approval may be assumed when the requestor is a chairperson and the amount is included in the current budget.

  1. For volunteers requesting payment:
    1. If you have a vendor invoice or a cash receipt, for example Costco or Staples, attach it to a Reimbursement/Check Request form. If you have a cash receipt that includes non-Guild items, please circle the items subject to reimbursement.  Include the relevant/related tax that applies and add the total for reimbursement.
    2. If you have asked a vendor to bill the Guild directly, please email the Treasurer to alert them that the bill is coming. Give the vendor the Museum address and request that they address it to the attention of the Guild Treasurer. Never give out the personal email or home address of the Treasurer.
    3. If you do not have an invoice or receipt, complete a Reimbursement/Check Request form or send an email with the same information. Such a situation is requesting payment of an honorarium.  Please include a W-9 if one is needed.  If in doubt, check with the Treasurer or the Accounting office to be sure.
    4. If you make a purchase through the Museum, make sure that your name and committee will be included on the bill submitted. This would be for such things as a luncheon at the Museum Café or books for Las Guias. Sometimes it is difficult for Accounting to tell what a Museum versus a Guild expenditure is.
  2. Blank Reimbursement/Check Request forms are found online, in an acrylic file in the Guild room or can be obtained from the Treasurer. Online it is found under Finance Forms at the heardguild.org website.
  3. Forms may be left in the acrylic slot in the Guild room, the Treasurer’s personal mail slot, or in the mail room slot for the Treasurer. You may also mail the forms to the Treasurer at the Museum address. Mark the envelope for the Guild Treasurer.  It will normally take two weeks for payment.  In the rare situations where the funds are needed immediately, please contact the Treasurer to discuss arrangements.


Rev. 11.5.2019