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The Heard Museum Guild volunteers actively engage in all aspects of museum life.  This dynamic and talented group leads gallery tours, promotes sales in our gift shop and bookstore, greets and assists museum visitors, conducts research in the library, designs educational programs, and plans and implements special events and projects such as the annual Indian Fair & Market and Youth Art Show & Sale.
Volunteer roles and schedules are flexible to meet the demands of everyone’s busy lives.


Guild members take advantage of a robust calendar of events including lectures, training sessions, tours of local galleries and places of interest, exclusive multi-day trips and more!  In addition, Guild meetings are held every third Wednesday of the month, and the Guild newsletter, Happening Now, is published bi-weekly.


Volunteer roles are available in the following areas: Visitor Guiding, Information Desk, Library Research, Museum Shops, Special Events: Indian Fair & Market, Youth Art Show & Sale, Heard Staff assistance, and more.


Registration Open for 2024-2025 Las Guias Docent Training Program
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One Scoop Equals 10 Cups, 50 Cups to a Pot

Connie Thornton, Hospitality Specialist

Those attending this month’s Prepare for the Fair lectures are finding large containers of hot coffee on the buffet table thanks to Hospitality volunteer Connie Thornton.

Connie comes into the kitchen the day before a meeting to start the coffee. Three years ago, when she began with Hospitality, Connie says, she needed instruction for making coffee in the large urns. “One scoop equals 10 cups, 50 cups to a pot,” she says.

Connie does the preparation, including the shopping, for all the Guild meetings and special programs. In addition to coffee, she says, “we need plates and cups and flatware” to set up a buffet table. Each occasion “is a two-day project.”

Various Guild committees are assigned responsibility for providing food. Connie sends emails to remind the members before a meeting and, she says, they always come. “They put the food on the table and arrange it. I have nothing to do with it,” she says.

Connie takes over again after a meeting to clean up. “I’ve learned a lot being in charge of Hospitality,” she says. “How to organize, what to buy and setting up the tables.”

Connie has been a member of the Heard Museum since the mid 1970s. She retired as a social worker in 2011 and started volunteering right away. In addition to Hospitality, she contributes time to many other Guild activities. “I’m almost a full-time volunteer,” she admits.

You should spend 10 minutes in front of a painting. Read it. Don’t just look at it

Guild Member Profile: Marlene Scholsohn 

“You should spend 10 minutes in front of a painting. Read it. Don’t just look at it,” said volunteer Marlene Scholsohn.

Marlene was instructing about 15 guides—the Heard Museum’s Las Guias—who will be conducting tours of the Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera exhibition all summer. They had stopped in front of Rivera’s “Calla Lily vendor.”

Marlene is co-chair with Linda Hefter of New Exhibit Training. After the curator has completed the introductory tours of an exhibit, she and Linda do make-up and supplemental walk-throughs, as well as their own tours.

Being a guide is a serious commitment, says Marlene. “We are required to work two scheduled half days each month or 30 hours a year.” she says. “And we have to be able to conduct tours of everything in the museum. We can’t pick and choose.”

Marlene, a volunteer since 1999, admits to a few personal preferences, though. “I gravitate to any new exhibit that is contemporary. I have a special feeling for contemporary art,” she says. In guiding, “I look at the art from a fine-arts point of view.” The Rick Bartow exhibit, which opened over the weekend, is high on her list.

Heard Guild Explores HuHuGam Ki Museum

huhugamThank you so much for arranging the visit to the Salt River, Maricopa, Pima reservation.  Two decades ago I drove past the buildings on Longmore road on a daily basis while commuting to work.  I never thought I would have the opportunity to participate in a small group tour of the museum and hear first hand about the history of changes impacting those very buildings and the peoples who inhabited them this past century.  It was really exciting.

Despite my love of food I was not anticipating having so much fun watching a demonstration of tortilla making and getting to make my own.  The dried cholla buds in my pantry are now calling to me.  I am going to  add them to my salads asap.  I would love to repeat this same visit next year.

You do such a great job arranging these trips.  I want you to know that I appreciate your efforts.

~ Anita

Kudos for Guild Trip to Hopi Land

“The Heard Museum Guild trip to Hopi Land exceeded our expectations to learn about Hopi Land, the culture, and the people. The trip coordinators;-Shelley Mowry from The Heard Museum Guild, Stephen Bernier from South of the Border Tours, and Mark Bahti as our guide-provided an informative and memorable experience The planned tours enriched our knowledge of the Hopi culture as artisans, farmers, and guides opened their homes and hearts to our group. The trip was organized, meaningful-and fun! We look forward to future trips and events with The Heard Museum Guild.”
~ Pat Mathios

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