Education Recognition

Ketoh Award in Education

Current Membership in Las Guias.

Completion of 50 tours.

Presentation of at least a 30-minute oral report based upon personal research. The subject must be related to an area of concentration of the museum. It must be approved in advance by the Heard Museum Educational Services Manager.

  1. This is an oral presentation and may include the use of presentation software. Notes or an outline may be used for brief and unobtrusive reference.
  2. An outline, bibliography, and list of any audiovisuals, exhibits, and demonstrations to be used must be presented to the Educational services manager serving as advisor for evaluation of content and sources. Upon approval, a presentation date will be set.
  3. The presentation will be open to all interested persons and must be attended by the Guild Coordinator of Museum Education and by an appropriate member of the Heard Museum staff.
  4. A handout of the pertinent facts plus a bibliography should be distributed to all present.

Josephine Schupp Award

This award is given annually to an outstanding senior guide and an outstanding Freshman guide (first year after graduation) for service within the Las Guias community.

The selection committee shall consist of four (4) active guides (preferably all previous senior guide awardees), the Educational Services Manager, the Tour Coordinator and the Guild Coordinator of Museum Education. The committee is therefore seven (7) people.

Freshman Guide – Annual Award

  • Exceeded annual commitments as a guide, both touring and continuing education hours
  • Gave exceptional service to Las Guias Education activities

Senior Guide – Annual Award

  • Exceeded annual commitments as a guide, both touring and continuing education hours, taking into account prior years’ performance
  • Guided for a minimum of three (3) years
  • Contributed to Las Guias Education Committee and/or Guild activities
  • Has not been a previous senior guide awardee

Pat Redinger Memorial Award

The award is given in memory of and respect for Pat Redinger. It is to be given when earned to a guide or guides who have demonstrated special love and talent in working with children.