Performance Review

Every Las Guias member will undergo a Performance Review at least once every three years or after a LOA of one year. New guides will be reviewed the second year following graduation, and every three years after that.

The purpose of the Performance Review is to give feedback to the guide concerning his or her performance that can help polish the presentations.

Trained Las Guias reviewers will observe a regularly scheduled HOME tour that is conducted solely by the guide undergoing the review. Standard review forms are published at the end of this section, and are available in the Guild Room.

Guides who work an “On Call” status and who choose to work only during the Evening Events and/or Special Tours are required to come to the museum during the day tour hours to give a regularly scheduled HOME Tour for the purpose of a Performance Review. The details of the tour will be arranged among the On Call Guide, the Reviewers and the guide who will yield one hour scheduled tour to the On Call guide for the purpose of the Performance Review.

Immediately following the tour, reviewers will sit down with the guide and go over positive aspects of the tour and, if indicated, areas that need improvement. The guide will be asked to sign the form indicating the review was discussed and to write comments on the form, if so desired. A copy will be given to the guide reviewed, if requested. The Performance Review Committee Chairperson will place the review in the guide’s personal file folder. The content of the review is confidential, however tracking information will be kept, including the date of the review and the reviewers’ names.

Should problems be identified during the review, a second review will be scheduled shortly thereafter with different reviewers. Should problems persist; the guide will be asked to stop guiding while remedial steps are taken. Procedures from this point on will be decided on an individual basis by the Museum Education Services Manager and the Coordinator of Museum Education. These could include forms of continuing education, including the Short Course, or a mentoring program. Successful completion of a Performance Review will be necessary before tours are again scheduled.

Guides who have given at least 60 tours (generally 2 years of service) will be eligible to be trained to be a reviewer.

  • Optional Training for new reviewers will be conducted by the Chair of the Performance Review Committee, assisted by qualified guides with experience in interviewing and/or evaluation.
  • Reviewers will be selected by the Chair of the Performance Review Committee.
  • Criteria will include, but may not be limited to, completion of successful performance review(s) of their own, and good interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Reviewers will receive one tour credit for each review completed. They must use the Digital Sign-out form on the Guild Room Computer noting that they are doing a Performance Review.

Click here to see the Performance Review form or the Information for Performance Reviewers.