Las Guias Training Commitments

Continuing Education Requirements for Las Guias Per Touring Year (June-May)

Completion of the basic Las Guias training course is considered to be the beginning step in a continuing process of self-education concerning American Indians and their arts, culture and history. In order to continue to provide optimum service to the public attending Tours, Gallery Talks and Speakers’ Bureau events, the guides are expected to continually expand their knowledge in these areas.

Mandatory Attendance Required
  • Annual Education Exchange
  • All New Exhibit Curator Walk-throughs New Exhibit Committee Walk-Throughs
Approved Continuing Education Credits are limited to 1 credit per activity and include:
  • Attendance to Education Programs held on the Heard Campus Guild Sponsored Travel Trips
  • Heard Short Course at North or Central locations. One credit per course.
  • Off Campus Educational Programs with subject matter pertaining to museum exhibits
  • Individual attendance out-of state to American Indian exhibits, museums, and or lectures

All Continuing Education Credits will be recorded through the website form no later than May 31st.  Las Guias continuing education credits will be administered by the Museum Education Staff, and failure to adhere to the requirements detailed above will lead to suspension from the tour schedule.

Classes, mini-workshops, new exhibit Las Guias walk-throughs, short courses, and other Las Guias activities are announced at Guild Meetings, in Noticias and Artifacts. Participation in 3 events annually is required as part of continuing membership in Las Guias.

All Guides are required to follow at least one other Guide’s tour per year.
  • After following another guide, this information is to be logged in the Sign In Book located in the Guild Room.
  • It is recommended that Guides follow one other Las Guias tour during the first half of the year and one another during the second half of the year.
  • Ask the scheduled Guide if you can follow his/her tour in advance.
  • Remove your name badge so that visitors will not be concerned or confused.
Failure to meet commitment

Guides are required to complete 30 tours, talks and/or duties per year. If a guide has not completed 30 tours during the touring year (June 1 – May 31), he or she will be placed on a one-year Automatic Leave of Absence (LOA) beginning June 1 . While on the LOA, the guide will not conduct tours in the museum but will be expected to attend all new exhibit training.