Pricing Artwork

All the artwork submitted to the Youth Art Show and Sale will be for sale during the Show. Participants are given the opportunity to price their artwork appropriately. We strongly encourage students to set a reasonable price and recommend that teachers assist their students in this area. The Heard Museum Guild will contact the artist to discuss the price if we think it is not viable (too high or too low). Please include your email address and phone number.

  • Each piece is to be priced by the student and made available for sale until the Show closes.
  • Prices may be reduced at the discretion of the Heard Museum Guild on the last day of the sale.
  • Students receive 80% of the price paid. The other 20% remains with The Heard Museum Guild to provide school grants for classroom supplies and to support other activities benefitting American Indian student artists and art teachers, including training and internships.

Here are some articles about pricing for students and beginning artists:

The Heard Museum Guild reserves the right to:

  1. Reject any entry not considered show quality.
  2. Reject any piece that is priced to discourage potential sale.
  3. Reject any entry not considered original work.
  4. Reject any entry with content considered by the Guild to be unsuitable for viewing by a young audience.