Special Achievement Awards for an Original Project

1976     Dorothy Engle – For extensive and overall service

1979     Patricia Murphy – For extensive and overall service

1980     Mary Brennan  –  For extensive and overall service
Lynn Portis       For extensive and overall service

1981     Peggy Fairchild   –  Fair Chairman (many years)
Kay Yaney           Book Shop Librarian

1982     Sherry Olson   –  Arts and Crafts Chair

1983     Anice Bromley  –   For extensive and overall service

1985     JoAnn Vegors   –  For extensive Library service

1986     Martha Cozzi   –  Cookboook From Metate to Microwave

1987     Peter Baguley   –  Guiding approximately 100 tours per year
Carolyn Morgan  –  Development of Showhous Project
Corinne Smith   – Development of Showhous Project

1989     Peter Blakney   –  Fair Chairman (5 years)

1991     Flora Cullison   –  For extensive and overall service

1992     Kay Benedict   –  For extensive and overall service
Irene Kline     Library, Guiding and Cookbook service

1993     Mary Dieterich   –  Curatorial Aide, Research Aide, Event Chair

1994     Billie Jane Baguley   –  Extensive Library Service plus Guiding

1995     Lois Bradley  –   Speakers Bureau cassettes
Donna Franquemont   –  Note Card Project
Pat Redinger   –  Service to Las Guias

1998     Helen Cacheris   –  Committee for the Development and Sale of Cookbook #2 Heard in the Kitchen
Irene Kline  
Betty Neal   
Mary Rainey

1999     Dixie Melby   –  Oral History Project
Vivian Price   –  Oral History Project

2001     Cooky Tarkoff  –   Development of Book Sale Project

2004     Joel Schmidt   –  Extensive service to Las Guias Education
Jan Scott   –  Development of Speakers Bureau PowerPoint presentations
Judy Weidner   –  Guild Communications and Data Processing

2005     Ginger Allingham   –  For extensive and overall service
Barbara Johnson  –   Development of Education courses

2006     Audrey Myers   –  For extensive and overall service

2007     Andy Eisenberg  –  Promotion and Development of Web site
Gloria Murison   –  For extensive and overall service

2008     Carol Bryan  –   Guild Web Site Creation
Barbara Johnson   –  Painted Pony Project
Al Panttaja    – Guild Web Site Creation

2009     ‘De’ Bachmann   –  New accounting procedures
Beverly Chapman   –  Pioneered Student Art Workshop
Barbara Jones   –  PowerPoint Presentations for  Speaker’s Bureau

2010     Carol Bryan   –  Artist database for Indian Fair &  Market
2011     Mary Patino  –  Business Workshop for Fair artists
2012     Susan Kolman  –   Indian Fair and Market ” Native Foods Project”
2013     Rita Baker   –  Extensive Service to the Guild
Elinor Rothberg   –  Extensive Service to the Guild
Sidney Wilson   –  Extensive Service to the Guild
Norma Jean Coulter  –   Fifty Years of Service to the Guild
2014     Jack Brock   –  Extensive Service to the Guild
Diane Leonte   –  Development of Guild website
Cathy Short   –  Guild Scholarship/Intern Program

Beverly Watkins – Writing “The Heard Museum Guild: 60 Year’s with Volunteers”
Cathy Short –  Establishing the Heard Museum student intern program for Native American college students

Anna Flynn – Expanding Fair outreach to include corporate sponsorships and in-depth relationships with Canyon Records and Native American Art magazine
Linda Hefter and Marlene Scholsohn – Developing exhibit walk-throughs and training for Las Guias to include volunteers from the Shop, Library, and Information Desk

Anna Flynn – Development of the successful hybrid 2021 Indian Fair & Market
Catherine Robertson – Implementation of the new artist application process for the 2021 Fair

Jane Przeslica – Implementation of Zoom meetings during the 2020-2021 Guild Year