Adult Tours

Responsibilities During Adult Tours

All adult tours (both private and public) meet by the Information Desk. Prior to the tour, the guide may circulate through surrounding galleries and invite visitors to join the public tour group.

The tour should not leave the Information Desk before the time of the tour posted on the Information Desk sign according to the wall clock by the Information Desk.

Public tours and tours of other galleries must be kept to 45-60 minutes in length. Other groups may have been scheduled to follow and you may hold up other guides if you linger too long. Visitors, in general, do not want tours that last longer.

If a tour is conducted in a gallery with interactive exhibits, it is the guide’s responsibility to see that materials are cleaned up and new supplies in place before going to the next assignment.

Guides should be very flexible when they tour large groups. Procedures that ”work for them” should be shared with other guides. lf the number is very large, exceeding the number of guides assigned, a guide performing Gallery Duty at the same time may be asked to assist.

One tour credit is given for each tour conducted and properly recorded on the Las Guias Sign-Out form on the Guild Room computer.

If a student takes a guide’s place for a graduation tour, the guides posted to do the tour get credit and should put the number of people toured on the Sign-Out form.