Children and Adult Group Tours – Las Guias Responsibilities

Contact Guide:

When a Children’s Tour or an Adult Group Tour is scheduled, the Tour Coordinator/scheduler will select a “contact” guide for the tour.  An Adult Group Tour is defined as a group of 10 or more adults although smaller groups may be allowed by special request.    The contact guide will be listed on the weekly schedule and has the following responsibilities:

  1. Call or email the teacher or group representative who will accompany the group three (3) days before the scheduled tour to confirm the type of tour which was booked. If a change is requested, the teacher/representative must contact the Museum Tour Coordinator to make the change; the contact guide cannot make changes to the tour.
  2. Identify yourself as a Guide for their scheduled tour.
  3. Confirm the number of people who will be on the tour, this includes students (or adults), chaperones, and any other people who are expected to be part of the tour. Inform the teacher/representative she/he will need the exact number of students to report at Admissions upon entering the Museum.
  4. Inform the teacher/representative the tour will be met by the guides at the bus stop on the north side of the Museum campus and it is helpful if the students wear name tags with their first name clearly visible. Depending on the number of guides assigned, the tour will be divided into a number of groups so each guide has one group.
  5. Ask the teacher/representative if any of the students or adults are Native American, and if so, whether these visitors are comfortable viewing or contacting prehistoric objects. If not, avoid these areas on your tour.  Inform your fellow guides of this situation so they can prepare their tours to accommodate these visitors.
  6. Inform the teacher/representative that if they are bringing lunches, these will be left in the Dorrance Education Center and not taken into the Museum. Water bottles, back packs, bags and other items should also be left with the lunches, or items containing valuables must be checked at the front desk and picked up after the tour.  No food, drink or gum is allowed in the Museum.   If medication is needed, it will be placed into a container provided by the Admissions Desk and given to the teacher/representative.
  7. Inform the teacher/representative that a tour lasts 45 minutes and there will be other tours when the students are there. The students must leave the Museum as soon as their tour is completed, to avoid congestion.  Museum manners are expected to be used while at the Museum.  This includes no running, or climbing, or touching glass or objects on display.
  8. Student tours may not visit the Museum Shop.
  9. Restrooms are located in Dorrance Education Center; down the hall from the Information Desk; and adjacent to the Café.
  10. Contact the other assigned guides and inform them of any special needs or information you learn from the teacher/representative.

Size of Tour:

The size of the tour will usually be given on the weekly schedule, but if there is a question, contact the Tour Coordinator/Scheduler.

Bonus Tour:

Student groups can extend their stay to two (2) hours which includes a 45-minute tour and a 45-minute Bonus Activity in the Dorrance classroom.  These Bonus Tours begin at 9:30 a.m.  Monday through Friday.  The students complete their tour and go to the Dorrance Education Classroom to complete a take home activity, which relates to their tour.  Larger groups of students are split into separate groups with some doing the activity first, and some doing the tour first.  As a guide of a Bonus Tour, your tour may not start until 10:30 a.m. if your group does the bonus activity first, but it is important you be present at the beginning of your shift, in case you are needed.  Take home activities include making a Navajo Jacla-style necklace or decorating a treasure box using symmetrical designs seen on Navajo rugs.

Tour for Students through Sixth Grade:

HOME: Native People in the Southwest:  Students through sixth (6th) grade tour the Heard’s permanent HOME gallery of more than 2000 items which tell some of the stories-past and present- of Southwestern Native people.  There is a spectacular display of Hopi Katsina dolls, a Navajo Hogan and a Pueblo horno.  Tour time:  45 minutes

Tour for Students in Seventh Grade through High School:

HOME:  Native People in the Southwest:  As described above, is also available for older students.

HIGHLIGHTS TOUR:  In addition to the HOME tour, these students can tour all the current galleries for a brief description of each.  Students learn about each exhibit’s theme, and one or two artifacts in detail.

Tour time:  45 minutes

Tour for Adult Groups:

The Group may select one or a combination of the following gallery tours:

HOME:  Native People in the Southwest, described above.

HIGHLIGHTS TOUR, described above.

AWAY FROM HOME AMERICAN INDIAN BOARDING STORIES, a visit to the gallery which focuses on the experiences of people who became a part of the Indian Boarding Schools, a federal system put in place in the 1800s.

In addition, the group may request to visit other exhibits to accompany the above tours.

These tours are booked through the Visitor Services Manager and more information is here.

Friends and Family Tours:

Las Guias guides may give tours to family or friends and if the guide is giving the tour, the Guided Tour Fee is waived.  There is a regular Museum entrance fee, unless the person taking the tour is a Museum member.  If there are ten or more people in the group, they each receive one dollar off the entrance fee.  These tours must be arranged through the Visitor Services Manager two weeks or more in advance.  The guide receives one tour credit.



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