Tour Preparation

Prepare for Your Tour
  • Know more about the subject than can be presented in one tour.
  • Go to Walk-throughs, read the exhibit handouts, label copy, and catalogues.
  • Know the correct pronunciation of terms, artists’ names, etc. Do not guess.
  • Tailor your tour to the audience. Decide which areas to emphasize to achieve goals in time available.
  • Do a walk-through of your tour plan.

Lasers pens are not allowed. Lasers damage the objects.

Before the Tour

1. What you wear should not be distracting.

2. Wear your name tag and a watch

3. Keep your hands free: do not carry anything with the exception of touch-its.

At the Beginning of the Tour
  • Be warm and friendly to the visitors, chat with folks as they gather for the tour.
  • Introduce yourself and fellow guides, if any.
  • Briefly state the tour theme and the areas to be visited.
  • Tell the visitors that questions are always welcome and to indicate if they cannot hear you.


  • The tour should not leave the Information Desk area before the posted time according to the wall clock by the Information Desk.
  • HOME and Highlights tours must be kept to 45 minutes in length. Other tours have been scheduled to follow. Answer questions briefly and/or offer to meet after the tour for a more detailed response if necessary.
  • “I don’t know,” is a perfectly acceptable response to a visitor’s question. Let the guest know that there are Question Cards at the Information Desk that will be sent to the Museum Education Department, and that the visitor will receive an email response. Also be sure that guests know about the Billy Jean Bagley Library and Books and More as sources of more detailed information.