Miscellaneous Touring Information

Native American High School Student Guides

This program consists of Native American Students with different cultural backgrounds who have been fully trained.

There may be times when you will be working with one or more of these students who are fully qualified to tour in Home and Highlights of the Heard, as well as most other galleries.

The Contact Guide does not need to call the high school guide to discuss schedules, but should make sure to meet with him/her before the tour begins.

Additional Information About Tours and Touring

Return Postcard for Questions

Sometimes guides are asked questions they do not know how to answer. There is nothing wrong in saying, “I don’t know.”

The guide should direct those who really want an answer to the Membership Desk, Admissions Desk, or Information Desk where they can write their question on a postcard, along with their name and address.

The card is given to the Education Department and the answer and source of the information will be sent to the visitor.

Cancellation Fee

Cancellations of guided tours must be received a minimum of 48 yours in advance of the scheduled tours.

If notice is not given, a cancellation fee will be assessed. Many people who schedule tours forget there will be a “no-show” penalty.

Regular Guided Tours

All guides need to be familiar with each gallery as the Highlights tour covering the whole museum will be assigned as well as Gallery Talks.

On occasion, a guide will be assigned to tour one of the temporary exhibits because a group has specifically asked to see it. Guides must be prepared to do so. (See section on “Continuing Education,”)

Who Gets a Guided Tour

Any organized group, with an approximate size of ten or more persons, may schedule a Guided tour under the following conditions:

Public or private school group (K through 12th grade or youth group) booked through the museum’s Education Tour Coordinator.

  1. Adult Group booked through the museum’s Educational Tour Coordinator.
  2. Preschools, day care programs, or other groups with children under the age of five must visit the museum on a self-guided basis.
  3. The group has scheduled its tour with the museum’s Educational Tour Coordinator at least three weeks in advance. Calling late does not guarantee an available tour time.

Self-Guided Groups

Many adult groups choose to visit the museum “self-guided” or without a member of Las Guias. Although these groups are welcome at any time, the museum appreciates advance notice of their plans.

Visitors on self-guided tours cannot be offered impromptu tours.

Personal Tours

Frequently, guides have family and/or friends who desire a tour through the museum.

Arrangements must be made with the museum Tour Coordinator at least one week in advance so that time and space can be reserved on the schedule. Leaving a voice-mail message does not accomplish such an arrangement.

The guide receives one tour credit.

If the Las Guias member is giving the tour, the $20.00 Guided Tour Fee is waived. However, remember that museum members are free, but non-members pay regular admission. Group sizes of ten or more receive one dollar off the regular admission rate per person.

Professional Las Guias Guides

All Professional Las Guias guided tours must be scheduled and all are subject to availability.

Some of our volunteer museum guides are also professional guides who may be hired by tour companies or private groups.

Any tour company or group that wishes to visit the museum may hire a professional Las Guias member to give a tour.

Only Las Guias Members are permitted to give guided tours at the Heard Museum.

A tour company or group is required to give a two-week notice to the Tour Coordinator if it plans to hire a Las Guias guide and must specify the name of the guide(s). This is required in order for the guide to receive 1 tour credit.

A Professional Las Guias Guide may guide a group that has given only 48 hours notice and may receive credit only if approval has been given by the Tour Coordinator.

All Professional Guides must put the appropriate information on the Sign-Out form on the Guild Room computer.

Bulletin Board

A Las Guias bulletin board is maintained in the Guild Room.

Official announcements, the monthly touring record and minutes of monthly Guild Board, Guild General Meetings, and the Education Council meetings are displayed there.

Guide Mail

Mail, including thank you notes and returned Performance Review forms are placed in individual folders in the tall cabinet in the Guild Room.


A monthly newsletter from the Education Department contains information that guides need including:

  1. Upcoming events
  2. Special Events
  3. Changes in the galleries and/or touring procedures
  4. Items of interest i.e: articles, factoids, etc.